At Caplet Pharmacy, we specialise in providing pharmacy services to Care Homes and Nursing Homes. We have an expert team on hand providing an optimum specialist service at all times. 

Our speciality service ensure that you are getting a service from our team to suit your needs, without the distractions of walk-in customers and counter sales usually found in a community pharmacy-based setting. We always have two Pharmacists on premises and so you or your team members can always get in touch if you have any clinical queries. 

Our Flexible Service For Your Care Users

We understand that each care home is unique and  should be treated as such. We provide a tailored service to meet your individual needs. Our aim has always been the same ‘to provide a high quality medication management service with a personal touch’. This gives our customers a fast, safe and efficient service, giving them the time to concentrate on other areas of their business.

Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)

We can supply medication packaged in various types of medication systems tailored to your needs. As an innovative and forward thinking provider, we are always looking to offer the latest products on the market to help your staff reduce medication times, whilst improving medication adherence and safety.

CQC Support

As part of our service, our team can offer a variety of support tools and on-site assistance to help meet your regulatory requirements, such as:

Free Medication Delivery

All medicines are delivered for free using our team of in-house delivery drivers, so you can rest assured that all medication will be delivered quickly, safely and on time. We provide a twice a day delivery service, so if your patients require urgent medicine for same day delivery, rest assured that we will get that delivered. 

Flexible MAR Charts

Our care services team will ensure we get the MAR charts right to suit your needs. During our initial meeting, all your requirements including MAR charts will be established.

To allow an accurate record keeping of medication taken, a MAR chart is an essential documentation. MAR charts are provided for all medicines received. 

Medicine Waste Disposal

Our service will ensure that all of your medicine waste is collected and disposed of safely free of charge. 

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The Caplet Pharmacy Promise

At Caplet Pharmacy, we will put you and the care of your residents first. At present, Caplet Pharmacy serve care and nursing homes across North London, North West London, East London and Hertfordshire region. We serve smaller independent care homes to those within larger groups. We have extensive and unrivalled experience in providing services to care and nursing homes.

For more information, contact our specialist care home team – 0203 441 3320 or at: